About Us

A company with tradition, Profilo is currently an important player in the Romanian furniture market. We have always relied our vision on the fusion of quality materials, modern lines and contemporary lifestyle design.



Our purpose is that you feel really good at home. Your home has to be an oasis of peace. We are aware that for physical and visual comfort, for a state of wellness, we need to understand as much as we can the desires, needs and tastes of each customer. Therefore, along with you, step by step, we try to find as many functional and design details as possible. We hope that these details will reflect your personality, your tastes and needs and in the end we will be able to offer you a “furniture inspired by you”.


We believe that the design was and will always be an intrinsic part of the furniture production process. Our design team's main objective is the transposition of all your needs and desires in modern, functional and reliable furnishing proposals. We are always aware of the latest trends and we always combine these trends with modern materials.


Engineers are the one who makes all our design ideas possible. Their main goal is to develop programs so Profilo furniture to be secure and to last longer. Each piece of furniture carefully calculated and tested.